Manufacturing Process of Components and Assemblies

During the process of machining a component or building a complete assembly Custom Machine, LLC uses many Manufacturing Processes to complete the manufacturing cycle.

At the inception of a project Concurrent Engineering is employed to ensure the most efficient process is used. During the Concurrent Engineering phase our team reviews Manufacturing Processes, Testing Processes, Secondary Processing and Quality Processes so that each component meets all applicable specifications.

Throughout the machining cycle Quality inspections are preformed after each machining operation to verify dimensional accuracy. Data is collected and recorded for each machining operation by our Quality Team in accordance with Customer requirements, ISO9100:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

In cases where Secondary Processing is necessary all applicable specifications are flowed down and a First Piece Inspection is done for Process validation and dimensional accuracy. This data is also collected and recorded for each Secondary Process by our Quality Team in accordance with Customer requirements and ISO9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, AS9100C, Nadcap Nonconventional Machining and Nadcap Aerospace Quality System (AC7004).

Multi-Axis Precision MachiningMulti-Axis Precision Machining

Custom Machine is a high precision machining facility comprised of state of the art CNC Milling, Lathe, EDM and Grinding Machines. With these machining centers we are capable of holding tolerances to within 50 millionths, finishes to 1 light band, turn components up to 22.00" in diameter X 36.00" long and mill components up to 32.00" x 32.00".

Our CNC Milling, Lathe and EDM Machines are capable of multi-axis machining with spindle speeds up to 25,000 RPM. Utilizing these machining centers our team or Engineers, CNC Programmers and Machinists are able to produce components to stringent specifications.

We pride ourselves on producing quality components to exacting standards which is evident in our ISO9100:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications.

Concurrent Engineering

Concurrent engineering is a strategy we employ to achieve the best results through the most efficient process. To aid in the development of the process our CNC Programmers and Engineers use Mastercam CADCAM and JobBoss. In addition to three-dimensional (3-D) (CAD) models; rapid testing, rapid tooling, and rapid prototype techniques are used. These design technologies are important because of the key information they convey: the 3-D model allows the CNC Programmers and Engineers to interpret design features in a more effective and efficient way.

Manufacturing processes and programs are closely coordinated to achieve an optimal match of resources in the machine shop for effective cost, quality, and delivery. Decision making involves full team participation and involvement. The team often consists of manufacturing, engineering, purchasing, customers and suppliers. Collaboration between Custom Machine its Suppliers and Customers is a key component to the success of concurrent engineering.

Quality Process

Our Quality Process begins with a full contract review of each order which involves our quality and engineering departments. Each component is reviewed for process, material, inspection, marking and shipping requirements prior to release to the machine shop. Once the contract review is complete quality and process plans are developed to ensure compliance to customer's specification throughout the manufacturing process. During the manufacturing process key characteristics are inspected and records are retained per industry and customer requirements. Upon completion of the manufacturing process a 100% final inspection is preformed and all key characteristics are recorded and retained per industry and customer requirements.

Testing & InspectionTesting & Inspection

We perform first piece, incoming, in-process, and final inspections throughout the entire production cycle to ensure the highest quality of every component that Custom Machine manufactures. All incoming material (hardware, raw material, and components returning from an outside process) is thoroughly inspected for material condition, special process specification and chemical composition before it's issued to the machine shop.

Our extensive quality department performs a first piece inspection using an advanced Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) before each manufacturing process. The finished product is subjected to a 100% final inspection using an advanced Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) to ensure that all key characteristics meet the customer's specifications.

In accordance with industry and customer standards all first piece, incoming, in-process, and final inspection reports created during the manufacturing process are retained.

Our in house testing department performs Non-destructive testing processes such as pressure, vacuum and leak testing in accordance with customer's specifications.

Secondary Processing

Custom Machine has diversified its offerings within the machine shop to include a wide range of in-house secondary processes. Our heat treating oven is capable of heat treating to HT-404 and HT-405. The fabrication department is outfitted with Heliarc, Arc, Oxygen and Acetylene welding and Silver Brazing. We have the expertise to fabricate small complex assemblies as well as large assemblies. The testing department is capable of performing Non-destructive testing processes such as pressure, leak and vacuum testing. Our component marking department uses a Trumph Vector Mark Laser Marking machine to mark components to our customer's specifications.
Keeping these processes in house enables Custom Machine to better control the manufacturing process throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Supply Chain Management

Implementing Supply Chain Management has enabled Custom Machine to optimize the flow of information to our suppliers. We meet regularly with our suppliers to flow down all applicable specifications and to eliminate any potential process related issues. The relationships built between Custom Machine and its suppliers are a key component to the overall success of the manufacturing process in our machine shop. The benefits of these relationships are reduced operational expenses, improved competitiveness and improved customer service Custom Machine maintains an approved vendor list where vendors are measured for their quality and on time performance. Vendor review and approval ensures that suppliers selected to provide product and/or services to Custom Machine employ a quality system that meets the quality requirements of Custom Machine and its customers.

Inventory ManagementInventory Management

Custom Machine has a diverse and flexible inventory system which is capable of reacting to the demands of our customers. We've worked with systems such as KANBAN, JIT, Kitting, PAC and online procurement systems. Utilizing our machine shop ERP software (JobBoss) we're able to set minimum, maximum and reorder levels for all components and assemblies. If inventory levels reach minimum an automated alert is issued; informing Engineering to release a new production lot to the machine shop for manufacturing. Tracking inventory levels enables us to release economic lot sizes to the machine shop for manufacturing thus reducing our operational expenses and any potential delivery delays to our customers.

Custom Machine has the ability to adapt our system to the delivery needs of our customers. In some cases we're able to synchronize our customers system with our system therefore reducing administrative expenses and improving the flow of information. Our onsite warehouse enables us to hold product for release according to the customer's needs.

Mechanical Assembly

In our mechanical assembly department the technicians are qualified to perform a wide range of assemblies; form simple two component assemblies to complex assemblies. To aid the technicians in the assembly process Custom Machine creates detailed work instructions to ensure the consistent quality and repeatability of each assembly. In addition to the work instructions; critical tools and gauging are calibrated annually where applicable.

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